nibco packing nut wrench Nibco® gate valves are backed by the Nibco 5-year 125% limited warranty. Using a ¼-inch wrench, unscrew this piece by turning it counter-clockwise. open-ended wrench; and 45 series valves require a 5/8 in. Nibco specialty valves are backed by a Nibco Inc. The adjustable linkage provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension. The NIBCO ® Press System ® pressing tools, jaws and chain sets are tested and approved for use with NIBCO ® Press System ® fittings and valves. Laser-Welded Construction With a ¾-inch open-end wrench, turn this nut clockwise to remove it (left-handed thread). Step 3 Hold the faucet with a wrench and grasp the packing nut with another wrench. 4. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. Sticking out of the sillcock where you removed the packing nut, you will see a square ¼-inch copper piece where the handle attaches. 1 . T067474 ASBLY). Valves can also be provided with square nut assemblies. NIBCO engineers have redesigned the top works of the valve to make it easier to install and service. The Woodford IOWA model Y34 (orange head) 3/4 in. MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER : NJ050X6: Manufacturer Part Number Additional : S-111-LF_1/2: PRODUCT NAME : Gate Valve: Series/Model : S-111-LF: Short Description : 1/2", Female Solder Cup x Female Solder Cup, 100 PSI, Lead-Free, Silicon Bronze, Screw-In Bonnet, Rising Stem, Gate Valve Toggle navigation. My Account Sign in/Register NIBCO INC. The stem is triple sealed with double O-rings and PTFE packing. Add "D" suffix to Figure Numbers 111, 113 and 211, Optional bronze valve squared stem extension, Oxygen service for bronze gate, globe and check valves NIBCO has you covered with step by step guidelines on using various products. These are available at any Turn the packing nut beneath the handle clockwise 1/4 turn with an adjustable wrench to tighten a loose packing nut. Once that is done, the entire stem will be exposed. They satisfy OSHA requirements that specify nonsparking tools for locations where flammable vapors and combustible residues are present. You will need to get a wrench on the fitting where the hose bib screws in at the end of the copper line. 4226 Subscribe to our newsletter. Primary Usage: Adjust/remove inboard shaft packing nut ; Material: Cast chrome plated steel ; Size: 1" to 3" adjustable Valve Packing Wrenches are combination tools that help maintain valves without stripping the nuts or gouging the wheel rims. 5 out of Faucet Nut Wrench BASIN BUDDY, A Universal Faucet Nut Wrench. Related Searches. Cart (0) Items. For this case, loosen the spindle nut to remove the spindle assembly. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. A stainless-steel seat and rubber packing prevent faucet from leaking. Seat Ring—Renewable seats are furnished on most Class 150, 200, and 300 valves. Removing the stem may be difficult. Here’s how you can make a simple fix. The stem is triple sealed with double O-rings and PTFE packing. , founded in Northern Indiana, is a recognized industry leader of flow control solutions to the residential and commercial construction, institutional, Shop for Gate Valves at Ferguson. Place the new packing washer on the scrubbed surface inside the packing nut and slide it back over the valve stem. Made of aluminum-bronze that is Factory Mutual approved, these wrenches inhibit sparking and are nonmagnetic and corrosion resistant. Replace Stuffing Box Nut (finger tight) Replace Handle and Handle Screw. Only tighten the packing nut under the handle enough so that you can open and close the valve without it leaking. Clean out any debris or hard water buildup. If an oversize actuator with no means of limiting torque Webstone The Isolator® Ball Valve, Series: 8140, 1 in Nominal, Press x Rotating Flange, 250 psig CWP, 250 deg F, Full Port, Media: Water, Chrome Plated Brass Ball, 4 in Inlet to Outlet Length, 2-5/8 in Top to Inlet Center, Forged Brass Body, Brass Stem and PTFE Seat Trim, PTFE Softgoods Includes: 17VB Float Kit, Bevel Check Valve 30418, Check Valve 30459, EPDM Packing 30560, Handle Screw 30002, Metal Handle 30096, Packing Nut 30059, Packing Washer 30421, Retainer Screw 30009, Valve Seat Rubber 30008 Item: Repair Kit See full product details NIBCO INC, Elkhart, IN. I've had several of these leak, it's just normal wear. 1/8" drain cap. NIBCO INC. open-ended wrench to adjust the packing bolt. These are sometimes also called “cartridges. Buy Teflon packing rope at any hardware store or home center. PRIER's complete wall hydrant service kit includes all parts to service your Mansfield style 300, 400 and old 500 series wall hydrants along with PRIER's original 300, 400 and new Diamond Series models. Pry off the faulty packing washer inside the packing nut. The easily accessible, large pack nut can be tightened without removing the handle or using a special wrench. b. Order online from shop. 2-years limited warranty. Let me know if my assumption is correct. " The packing nut is the part of the valve that provides a watertight seal around the valve stem, and usually, a leaking shut-off valve is the fault of a problem with the packing nut. I will use Nibco as a reference because I use them often. Use a wrench or pair of pliers to rotate the valve and cut off the water. Nibco Inc. pdf Adjustable Packing Gland, Nuts and Bolts Nibco® Chemtrol® MA064A6 S-45-CE-E Compact Economy Ball Valve, 1/2 in, Socket, PVC Body, Import Product ID: 257766 MFR #: MA064A6 Toggle navigation. If portable auxiliary actuators are used, size the actuator or use a torque limiting device to prevent application of torque exceeding 300 ft-lbs. (d) Found this today on NIBCO website under "Operation and Maintenance Manuals". , Suite 100, Van Nuys, CA 91411 Valves shall be furnished with a standard 2 IN wrench nut and shall open left (counter-clockwise). The large hex nut just below the stem. 41 and 42 series valves require a 3/8 in. 5"x12" orange packing list envelope. Includes 3/8" Ratchet Adapter Loosens and tightens the most stubborn hard-to-reach nuts with ease! (c) Definitely no packing nut, so ended up tightening handle nut a "smidge" and droplet went away. rim pull input torque for handwheels or chainwheels. Thread the valve stem back into the body of the faucet, then thread the packing nut onto the top of the faucet. Twist the stem to thread it out. Scrape off the old packing string from around the top of the stem with a utility knife. Before you do this though, you could try just tightening the packing nut, as that usually buys you a few years unless the washer is really worn out. Here’s how. The stem is triple sealed with double O-rings and PTFE packing. Get it as soon as Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NIBCO Gland Pak Nut Wrench at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Bronze Gate, Globe & Angle Valves Drain Cap, Oxygen Service & Stem Extension Options. Large Accessible Packing Nut Most adjustable wrenches will fit easily under the handle. Standard NIBCO® iron valves are furnished with synthetic fibers and graphite packing, along with synthetic fibre gaskets . Fire Safe Design Upon destruction of the seat (in the event of a 1836-005 nibco plumbing products male adapter pressure fitting 1/2" cpvc sch left hand hex nuts. How to pack a leaking packing nut on a valve. This new configuration allows the PTFE packing to be serviced and replaced in the future. 1. Cart (0) Items. 11. Grease the stem threads and reinstall the stem in the bonnet. View More Removing Packing Nut: Loosen Counterclockwise: An optional step is to first remove the "packing nut" located at the end of the old valve stem. Valve ends shall be mechanical joint unless otherwise specified. warrants each NIBCO® pressure rated metal valve to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of five (5) years from date put into service, with the exception of models FP-600A-LF, PC-FP600A-LF, FP-600AD-LF, and Pro-Stop® Quarter Turn Supply Stops, for which a two (2) year warranty period from date put into service applies. 2. Free shipping over $99. Head Wrenches; Fire Dept Nibco_51403_Specification_Sheet. Pry out the old packing washer with a small flat-blade screwdriver or pick. Why Mark's? We stock thousands of hard to find and rare parts. 888. Use a socket wrench to remove the retainer nut and carefully lift off the faucet handle. Temperature rated to 550°F . I had to disconnect the braided water lines and backed the entire valve down below the granite counter. Grasp the faucet handle, and pull the valve stem out of the hose bibb. Packing Nut Remove the packing nut with an adjustable wrench. You’ll need a 4-in-1 screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. NIBCO engineers have redesigned the top works of the valve to make it easier to install and service. Pull the faucet handle straight up and off the stem. A rod guide eliminates side pull on the rod, reducing wear on the packing, packing nut and the stem. Remove the stem bonnet, which is the packing nut that holds the stem in place. Adjustable wrench Remove the top of the valve housing by attaching a wrench to the top of the housing. Most ball valve have two types as far as packing nuts go. Inspect your hose bib to understand how it works and what the problem is. Please contact NIBCO Customer Service or reference latest applicable Amazon's Choice for packing nut wrench. This also allows for the packing to be replaced and serviced. I used vice grips where the water splits in the valve (no threads there to ruin). 29. it is a threaded valve but if you hold back on the faucet you should be able to unscrew the piece the packing nut threads are attached to and then replace the washer as long as the seat isnt damaged. NIBCO engineers have redesigned the top works of the valve to make it easier to install and service. The packing material is behind the nut and one washer. Plug Valves: a. 9. For hose bibs, Nibco brand is crap. Washers, Gaskets & Bonnet Packing. One end is an adjustable wrench while the other end provides leverage to turn valve wheels with up to 5/8” thick rims. No special packing wrench required. Other features include a reversible handle (designed with prefabrication in mind), triple-sealed stem, and a large packing nut, which is easily accessible as most adjustable wrenches will fit under the handle. Why? Because you will need two to make an adjustment: One for the locking nut and one for the adjusting nut. With the valve in the off position, loosen the packing nut and slide it toward the handle. com Packing & Seal Extractors (3 C-RHex Reversible Double-Sided Magnetic Hex Nut Driver, 1/4, 5/16 818 Aluminum Lightweight Straight Pipe Wrench, 2-1/2 in Jaw Buy For Nibco Nyj 55490 Single Lever Ceramic Cartridge as well as many other Nibco products at NYRPCorp. Tighten the packing nut. 1K likes. I quit using nibco after seeing many I had installed rusted at the packing nut or became very hard to open or close after just a couple years. $15. Home; Log In; Cart 0 Gate Valve; Nominal Size 3/4 Inch; Stem Design Rising; End Connection Female Threaded x Female Threaded; Bonnet Type Union; Body Material Cast Bronze; Stem Material Silicon Bronze; Wedge Material Silicon Bronze; Bonnet Material Silicon Bronze; Temperature Rating 366 Deg F; Pressure Rating 300 PSI; Application Industrial, Commercial, Mechanical; Applicable Standard ASTM A 47, MSS SP-80; Lead • Disc/clapper nut: ASTM A194 GR 8M • Split pin for disc nut: A1S1 304 SS • Packing gland: ASTM A105 • Tongue: A1S1 4140 (Internal lifting device) • Packing gland cover: ASTM A105 • Packing gland cap screws: ASTM A193 GR B7M (flurocoated) • Gland packing: Viton --- for “SEA” gland PTFE Chevron “V”-Type for “FREE” gland Replacement For Nibco Bath Stem Extension - 2-11/16" Length SECTION 15110 VALVES Clark County DOA Standard Specifications – 15110 Ver. Texas Plumbing Supply are a Family-Owned independent wholesale plumbing supply company. Delta Faucet parts repair. From that point on, ignore the old valve and use the new one to turn off the water. It freed the nut. 336. On a new water valve, this almost always stops the leak. They get stiff, leak on the packing and just plain suck. gland bushing and/or the packing nut draws down against the packing by turning the packing nut clockwise. I was concerned that it might interfere with the larger plumber socket while removing the valve stem. Thanks, Benzine kid adjust the packing bolt. Packing nut shall not be tightened in excess of torque specified in Table 1. SIZES 1/ 2" – 21/ 2" PRESSURES to 300 PSIG at 422°F l Meets ASME Section I & VIII Code for Steam, Air & Non-hazardous Gas Service l “UV” National Board Certified Customer Service: 920-787-3331. First try tightening the packing nut one-eighth to one-quarter turn with a wrench. Turn the packing nut counterclockwise to remove it from the faucet. Put a 12" piece of 1" PVC over the handle of the wrench for more leverage if it still does not turn. I think watts or Hunter are better ball valves but different qualities of water make a difference on the valve. Us a BIG crescent wrench for lots of leverage. I used a 27/32" plumber socket to remove the packing nut by turning it counterclockwise. 0 May 8, 2019 Page 3 of 10 e. The packing cap is the cap just below the handle. This can be done with any appropriate flat-jawed wrench. Unscrew the retaining nut just under the handle using a wrench. When leakage occurs, the handle nut should be tightened in 1/8 to 1/4 turn increments just enough to stop leakage. My Account Sign in/Register Inform eCommerce Pro with Inform ERP is a flexible eCommerce platform and PIM (Product Information Manager) that delivers an exceptional customer experience. Superior Tool 03840 Adjustable Combination Wrench. Cart (0) Items. Kit includes washers, packing, packing nuts and screws. Ordering number: MS-WK-43 Toggle navigation. nibco. The 580 is a 2 pc. The 2-piece valve features solder end connections for easy installation. Lift the valve out of the Toggle navigation. Shop for Fire Hydrant Parts & Accessories at Ferguson. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales First, unscrew the packing nut. An Anti-siphon backflow device protects the faucet from any potential back pressure and contaminated water flowing back into the main line. 0 out of 5 stars 201. Tightening this nut will tighten up the packing gland. Kit Faucet parts repair. Cart (0) Items. To avoid damaging the faucet with a wrench or pliers, pad the area with electrical tape or a cloth. 8. 3 Remove the screw in the top of Open the old valve all the way and tighten the packing nut. 2. 9. leakage occurs, the packing gland follower (under handle) should be tightened in 1/8 to 1/4 turn increments just enough to stop leakage. Remove the knob’s retaining screw or nut and pull off the knob. In stock on October 31, 2020. 99. But some faucets have two nuts — 1)the packing nut right under the faucet handle, and 2) the spindle nut next to the body of the faucet. Same day shipping before 5pm EST. Order it now. The bonnet 36 is threadedly engaged into the outer end of the valve body 12, in the manner indicated. Remove Packing and replace with new packing washer or graphited packing cord. And we want to make sure you get everything you need with ease, so take advantage of our Buy Online, Pick Up in Store option. NIBCO engineers have redesigned the top works of the valve to make it easier to install and service. Remove Handle Screw and Handle. 4226 • Fax: 1. Pry the old washer out and insert a new packing washer. Grease the new packing washer and slide it in place, and then grease the packing nut threads and firmly tighten the From NIBCO valves to SharkBite valves and other brands, our selection is sure to provide what you need. Moen Faucet parts repair. Adjustable wrench; Wrench set Choose Nibco® gate valves for the most specified, versatile and economical valve option in commercial, mechanical and industrial applications. NIBCO Technical Services • Phone: 1. pdf(Specification Sheet) Nibco_74003_Catalog. PTFE packing usually is. Required Tools for this add a valve project. # 099999999174 *The actual product may differ from the image shown. This also allows for the packing to be replaced and serviced. Torque Wrench, Wrench Adapters and Torque Values - Parker Autoclave Engineer's has available an adjustable torque wrench with a number of wrench adapters for accurate tightening of packing glands and tube nuts. Nowadays lots of the better quality globe or gate valves (like KITZ and NIBCO) come WITHOUT a gasket between the bonnet nut and the valve body. Packing nut adjustment adds labor when the system is first pressurized Current configuration requires a special wrench to fit under the handle Without the special packing wrench, the handle must be removed to tighten the packing nut The 585HP solves these pain points: Nibco, Packing Nut Wrench, T065474, Mfr. Remove the screw holding the water control knob in place with a screwdriver then pull the knob off. Then I used a large crescent wrench on the packing nut of the cartridge. Remove packing nut at the top of the stem. The handle nut also provides the packing preload on the 580 ball valve. Select a well fitting wrench that will not round off the bonnet nut easily, and expect you will need a lot of torque to break it loose. NIBCO F-607-RWS,300 PSI CWP Iron Body Gate Valves Ductile Iron Gate Valve, Resilient Wedge, UL/FM approved 8 Stem Packing EPDM ASTM D2000. NIBCO DOES NOT RECOMMEND DISASSEMBLY OF THIS VALVE We carry an extensive line of plumbing products including Packing Nut Wrench, 1/4 - 2 Inch. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks. Do not loosen the nut on the valve stem. If the nut is stuck and hard to turn, spray some lubricant on it or use a wrench with a longer handle. open-ended wrench; 44 series valves require a 1/2 in. Login for Your Pricing. This also allows for the packing to be replaced and serviced. 43 series valves require an adapter to adjust the packing bolt. 74 $21. NIBCO. However I do not recomend removing this nut while valve is under pressure. NIBCO 3. Twist the stem clockwise and back it out of the bonnet. 99 $21. The stem is triple sealed with double O-rings and PTFE packing. These wrenches tend to be easier to use than pipe wrenches especially in tight engine spaces where many boaters must work. Wrap new packing string counterclockwise around the stem, making three complete turns. com. 23 Yoke Nut ASTM Buy Nibco Flow Control Products online at BPS Supply Group. This is a simple process that requires only a wrench. Remove the faucet bib screw by loosening the faucet handle screw with a screwdriver. Tighten gland nut 1/8 turn with spanner wrench. I had a Jado 1/2 inch cold cartridge. "Routine maintenance consists of tightening the packing to compensate for wear. Aids in the removal of brass closet and urinal spuds. An important message to our customers As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate, we want to share with you that NIBCO remains open for business and we are committed to serving you during this time. Some freeze proof faucet models have two nuts to remove. Back off gland nut 1/2 to one full turn in order to install plunger through header ring. Included are tables showing torque requirements for all valves and components. We are an independent distributor, established in 1962, employing approximately 100 team members. They fit O style valve wheels. If it doesn’t, the packing washer is probably damaged and will need replacement. Adjustable Wrench ,KISENG 16-68mm Mini Adjustable Spanner Short Shank Large Openings Ultra-Thin $18. 10. Hirsch Pipe & Supply, 15025 Oxnard St. Class 250 iron valves are furnished with PTFE braided packing and reinforced graphite gaskets . They claim that the mating surface between the bonnet nut and the valve body is so perfectly machined that you can have brass to brass contact at that point and the valve won't leak. CUSTOMER Item ID : 459840: MANUFACTURER NAME : Nibco Inc. 446. # 099999999174 Nibco, Packing Nut Wrench, T065474, Mfr. trying to unscrew the valve itself may prove difficult without being able to hold back up on Up to 2 Inches: Bronze body, bronze tapered plug, non-lubricated, teflon packing, threaded ends with one wrench operator for every ten plug cocks. What I remove was just the packing nut (and also the red handle and screw). Replace the washer with one of the same size and thickness. Remove Stuffing Box Nut (also called a Gland Nut). This also allows for the packing to be replaced and serviced. This also allows for the packing to be replaced and serviced. NIBCO engineers have redesigned the top works of the valve to make it easier to install and service. Basic Packing Nut Repairs. DNOW. standard port valve that has one nut on top of the handle. 3. In most cases, a leak can be fixed by finding the packing nut under the spigot and tightening it. com Do not exceed 300 ft-lb input torque on actuators with wrench nuts, 200 lb. This is the packing nut that holds the packing that prevents water from Remove the packing nut with an adjustable wrench. The one piece variable-flow plunger with the large cushion type seal for longer life, is not easily damaged and assures shut-off even when foreign particles are present. This can be done with a thin open-ended wrench or a special packing adjustment wrench that can be purchased from NIBCO (Part No. 10% OFF All Orders Over $100! Same day shipping, delivery or will call pickup available. The stem is triple sealed with double O-rings and PTFE packing. left hand jam nuts. The easily accessible, large pack nut can be tightened without removing the handle or using a special wrench. The easily accessible, large pack nut can be tightened without removing the handle or using a special wrench. The weld allows for an increased pressure rating up to 1,000 CWP, up from the traditional 600 CWP ball valves. The packing nut looked basically like this, and was butted up right to the washer you see in pics 9 and 10. 888. Wedge Nut O-Ring Stem Stem Gasket Bonnet Washer Packing Packing Gland Yoke Nut Handwheel Lock Nut Bolts & Nuts Cast Iron ASTM A126 Class B Cast Iron ASTM A126 Class B, EPDM Coated Bronze ASTM B62 C83600 EPDM Brass ASTM B16 C36000 Stainless Steel AISI 304 EPDM Cast Iron ASTM A126 Class B PTFE Sq, Braided Non-Asbestos Cast Iron ASTM A 126 Class B Bronze ASTM B62 C83600 The Y34 IOWA yard hydrant repair kit has long-life rubber packing that includes Teflon impregnated packing into the deep chamber with an adjustable packing nut. However, if this is ineffective, it may be necessary for you to replace the entire fixture. Valve types including actuator, ball, bleed, butterfly, check, choke / throttling and more. Bonnet Packing Washer for Multi-Turn Stops Pack of 25 DURATECH 3-in-1 Plumber wrench & 4 Way Sillcock Key, 2-Pack, for Valve, Faucet nuts, and Spigots. 09. www. A packing nut 38 is in turn threadedly engaged upon the bonnet 36, so that the packing 39 within the nut 38 effects a seal about the valve stem, in a manner that is generally known. Put the knob back on and turn it counterclockwise to remove the valve stem. Hand tighten gland nut or use minimal force with spanner wrench to engage and seat packing. com Pretty good video for faucets that only have one nut to turn, which would be the packing nut. The press system requires no flame, solder or flux. com. The Woodford Model 17 freeze less sillcock that will not rupture when the faucet is shut-off and the hose is removed. Required Tools for this Project. PTFE packing is the tertiary seal and is compressed by a large and easily accessible packing nut. If you have the ability, is not too much to buy and replace with a ball valve style. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. Tightening the packing nut too much may make the handle hard to turn. The hose bib or spigot is the part of your outside hose connection that allows you to turn the water on or off for outdoor connected hoses such as a sprayer hose or soaker. It features a cross type operating handle used in conjunction with a remote operating wrench for in-ground use; Features a screw-in bonnet for service where infrequent maintenance is required; Female threaded ends allow for ease of insallation Re: my hosebib is "stuck" LOL Author: dlh (TX) that is a very common diy'er fix for that problem. Tighten the packing nut. If you are unable to find a bath socket wrench, you can use a vice grip to hold onto the stem bonnet and loosen it. Hold that fitting steady while you turn the hose bib counter clockwise. It's possible that I was supposed to leave the handle/screw in place, and also leave the packing nut on, but loosened. 4. We even carry yard hydrants so you can clean lawn equipment, tend to your garden and more. Over 2 Inches (Flanged): Cast iron body and plug, pressure lubricated, teflon packing, wrench operator with set screw, flanged ends. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. With the packing nut removed, the stem should twist right out and on the end of the stem is the washer that you'll need to replace. Replacing the Packing, Faucet leaks around the stem when open. Find tools and accessories, including: This item: 51008 Adjustable Packing Nut Wrench $17. See full list on homedepot. Tighten the packing nut slightly with a wrench, then put the faucet handle back onto the stem and check the operation of the faucet. Remove the packing nut by turning it counterclockwise. First shut off the water to the leaking water valve. (Copper stem, handle and vacuum breaker not included). My Account Sign in/Register Inform eCommerce Pro with Inform ERP is a flexible eCommerce platform and PIM (Product Information Manager) that delivers an exceptional customer experience. After removing the screw, pry the handle from the stem and remove the packing nut. Otherwise the handle may turn with the wrench. 5 Push the stem back Unscrew the packing nut beneath the handle of the faucet. I don't think that nut is removable. NPT variable-flow yard hydrant is immediate-flowing, even in sub-zero conditions and is produced in the USA. The heavy-duty flatted stem design allows usage of standard wrenches when necessary to conserve space and prevent accidental operation. Lead-free; Blowout-proof stem design; Forged DZR copper alloy end cap, fluorocarbon O-ring stem seal, brass packing nut and drain cap, stainless steel lock washer and handle nut NIBCO® Butterfly Valve, Lug Style, Series: LD-2000-5, 10 in Nominal, 125/150 lb, 225 deg F, Media: Water, Manual Gear Actuator, Ductile Iron Body, Aluminum Bronze Disc, 416 Stainless Steel (Stem) Stem & Pin Material, EPDM, Domestic The NIBCO® bronze non-rising stem gate valve is specifically designed for irrigation in-ground applications. My Account Sign in/Register Ample packing chamber depth with adequate packing is provided for maximum life. For other special packing and gaskets, consult factory . The materials for each valve in this catalog are clearly specified. Disc—Discs may be metal in the plug, fullway, needle-type design or PTFE. 2. Make alignment notation markings on both gland nut and fluid end/stuffing box. Adapter Faucet parts repair. Will need two people. Directly below the packing nut will be the packing washer. 2 . ” Insert a bath socket wrench and turn it counterclockwise. When a packing nut can't be tightened anymore and you still have a leak it's time to add packing to the nut and Since your are asking how to unscrew the stem nut, not the packing nut, my suggestion, beyond trying some type penetrating lubricant, is: put a hose fitting on the hose threads so you don't bung them up, then put one wrench on the body of the valve, spanning over the hose fitting, and your other wrench on the stem nut. Hold the handle steady as you unscrew the locknut holding the handle on. It's there to aid in installing the hose bib. Because these hose bibs are located outside, they are exposed to the elements and can be damaged by severe weather such as a hard freeze. Remove the screw on the valve stem holding the faucet washer. Open the faucet bib and allow any water inside to run out. Then repack the stem. The easily accessible, large pack nut can be tightened without removing the handle or using a special wrench. In Stock. . 4. 74 $ 15. Home; Log In; Cart 0 Stem Wrench Area KF Ball Valves are equipped with durable handles as a standard feature. Port area shall be not less than 70% of the pipe area for a given size valve. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Customer Service: 920-787-3331. The easily accessible, large pack nut can be tightened without removing the handle or using a special wrench. Photo 1: Remove the freeze proof faucet retaining nut. packing nut (under handle) should be tightened in 1/8- to 1/4-turn increments, just enough to stop leakage. nibco packing nut wrench